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Meditation – Let it all be!

To meditate, is to purify language of the mind, body and actions. Listening and following the conscious is reassured. Respond with patience, reason and charm will seem easier than ever before. Acceptance with honour, will and strength is unavoidable. Resist… Continue Reading →


When your prime acts take a back-seat because You involuntarily get involved in niches of the domestic, When the sparkling belief in yourself shackles, When the sour hits and you long to get back on track and sail, It’s then… Continue Reading →

Life in a jiffy

He set out to get the best for family and himself, He was determined to work hard and buy technology for Mother, He seemed capable and made believe he would pay all the Bills for Father, He depicted a gesture… Continue Reading →

Wow April

Wow April simply Wow. I took the Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC) and never knew I would really make it through! Feels amazing. UBC made my this Month special, Wow April. It has been an incredible journey. I used to blog… Continue Reading →


I saw two boys held a poster of Safe Driving Instructions at the Traffic Signal today. Every time the traffic light would go Red and the Vehicles stopped, These boys would come forward and stand, firmly holding the Poster. Almost… Continue Reading →

Parental Session Review

Hi there, I am a Motivational Speaker and Founder at SailingWords. I recently undertook a session for Parents of 10th Standard Students. Had an amazing first time experience with Parents, so thought to share it with all of you! 🙂… Continue Reading →

Short Superb Stories

Story on Handwork: Why are there no Lamborghini ads on TV? . . . Because the people who can afford a are not sitting around, watching TV all day! 😀 Story on Love: 2 boys in conversation: Boy1: I love… Continue Reading →

That One Day

That One Day which messed their lives, They lost their children, parents, loved ones and likes. The children were playing, making sand dunes, That ground shook hard, stopped forever their singing tunes. That One Day which messed their lives, They… Continue Reading →

Like a Sunflower

Like a Sunflower that follows every moment of the Sun, So I turn towards You, To follow You, My Lord. That’s starting lines of the Hymn I used to recite in school, That’s where I first realized there’s an external… Continue Reading →

Innovation at Best

Everything in here is what I’ve found to be really innovative : Effective and Cool. I collected these and wanted to share with all of you. So, Here goes: 1. Cutting and Shredding never seemed easier. Waste Paper Roller Fun… Continue Reading →

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