A very wise teacher once told me,
It’s not 9 to 6, but 6 to 9 that’ll be determinate your fate.

So, We are in College,
We are employed,
We are in Business,
We are THE 9 to 6 specie.

Assignments, Examination,
Targets, Approvals,
Tenders, Leads,
It enraptures us superabundant.

Unprecedented it may seem,
Twinkling, it purports to shroud our very guise.
THE 9 to 6 is not grim,
But, We, We are meritorious,
We are the Moment-Creators, Share-Developers,
Happiness-Pursuers, Care-Investors,
We cherish life in the most stupendous avenues.
We think Big, Above the Routine,
If We can’t posses a 9 to 6, We fabricate one,
Get 100 people, to work, Grow the empire, And switch.
We aim to transform, and sometimes,
We Challenge almost everything. That’s who we are.
And This We, is someone, that’s not a bit close to THE 9 to 6.

Yet, THE 9 to 6, is invariably aptly dressed,
Perform excellence in their domain, embellish the department,
Work their asses off, (ok sorry, but it’s only true),
And all the Mary-Go-Round.
But, past 6, they laze around,
Prepare, if at all, for the next 9 to 6,
Run, Eat, Sleep.
And can just not get over their fancy “Job”!
Oh MY Godly God!

THE 6 to 9, I tell you,
is a Force.
Each 6 to 9 is a Force.
He will perform in 9 to 6, and only perform better elsewhere too.
A Trump, everywhere is what’d come to him.
He’ll ameliorate in every aspect.
The very yearning to be a 6 to 9,
Will devise the Force in You.

With 9 to 6, you may go for-a-kill of many,
But being 9 to 6, will also kill a lot more in You.
It may bring you a lot of Power,
But, elude the Grounds of Origin in you.
No dispute mates, Attain Power, but never restrain in 9 to 6.
You can be more.
Don’t be something they want you to be.
Be everything you want to be. And be higher than what they thought you’ll be.

P.S: Don’t wait up for a 9 to 6. Like Ever! Get on with 6 to 9, and the rest shall be history.