I know not much about him, but i know he achieved immense. He, was A Little More A Little Less.

A little more than care,
Is little less hours spared.
A little more hug tight,
A little less fight.
A little more obliged,
Is A little less deprived.
A little more effort,
Is A little less far.
A little more trust,
Will be a little less quarrel.
A little more sharing,
A little less of owning,
Yields a little more believing.
A little more expressiveness,
Brings a little less of repentance.
A little more of giving,
With a little less of expecting,
Is a lot more of self smiling.
A little more of spending time,
A little more of Quality regime,
A little less of thoughts impolite,
A little less of immense gossips,
Binds a sense of extreme happiness.
A little more of living,
A little less of profession.
A little more of curiosity,
A little less of craving.
A little more of helping hands
A little less of destitute.
A little more of truths,
A little less of Hurts.
A little more of responsibility,
Is a little less of grievance.
A little more of togetherness,
Is a little less of isolation.
A little more of threading strings,
A little less of broken hearts.
A little more in birthday wishes,
A little more of gratitude,
A little more of decoration,
Is a lot more of your love and to your remembrance.
A little less of haste,
A little less of environmental waste,
A little less conflict involvement,
Is a little more respect,
Is a little more credit,
Is a little less doubt.
A little more awareness,
A little less judgments,
A little more praise,
A little less comments,
Is a sign of nurture,
A nurture of A Little More
A nurture of A Little Less.

A nurture of beauty,
A nurture of blossom,
A nurture of goodwill
A nurture of Abundance. :)
Be More. Be Less.
Whatever you be, Be abundant.
Abundantly More.
Abundantly Less.

P.S : Find today. Find where you can be a little more. Find where you could be a little less. Find the abundance in You.