I saw two boys held a poster of Safe Driving Instructions at the Traffic Signal today.
Every time the traffic light would go Red and the Vehicles stopped,
These boys would come forward and stand, firmly holding the Poster.

Almost everyone in their vehicles saw this act of theirs,
Everyone must have said in their heads “What an incredible job they are doing.”
But only some cared to wave a hand to those boys,
Only few could show a gesture of thankfulness to them,
Very few actually spoke the words of Thank You or Great job to them.

Mostly, people find it easy to ignore such kinds of little yet truly great jobs.
The two boys wore a smile on their faces and just wished good and safety for everybody.
How much Human was this act to you?
Well, for me, It was great great act that spoke volumes.
The boys did not do it for some reward in return,
They weren’t partial to those driving Mercedes than those with Fiat.
They depicted care, utmost care for all of us, in the most sweet and attentive of ways.

Now, How much does a simple appreciation cost us?
– None.
And what does a simple appreciation do to those who are doing these acts of bravery, awareness and safety?
– Appreciation speaks immensely to you.
Appreciation is the prettiest of rewards: You speak “Well Done” and the other person feels one hundred times fantastic.
Appreciation should be for everybody.
Judgement shouldn’t serve any parameter of measuring how much Appreciation has to be made.
Appreciate with smiles wide and hearts open,
Appreciate with all the gestures and warm reception,
Appreciate to him and her with no discrimination on gender,
Appreciate your Mom, Dad, Grand Parents, friends, students and teachers.
Appreciate every person you see working hard and kind.

Appreciate, because the qualities on which you do appreciate,
Will blossom in You too.
Appreciation, you will get too,
And you will know how much does simple Appreciation on your work magnifies your prospects.

People all around are doing some or the other incredible job,
Just look and Appreciate.
Appreciate with heart and smile,
Appreciate yourself too,
Appreciate the goodness you see all around,
Appreciate today, like never before. : )