When your prime acts take a back-seat because
You involuntarily get involved in niches of the domestic,
When the sparkling belief in yourself shackles,
When the sour hits and you long to get back on track and sail,
It’s then when you are waiting for that one glimpsing Approval.

When your tasks go unaccounted and disregard craves in,
When the around seems happy but you unreleased and soaking,
It’s the profiles of unaccepted and granted you feel,
They forget your true form and nature,
And you repel their existence.
You know you have to get out, perform the benevolence You,
Else you will be left behind and dysfunctional,
You tend to become restless in order to receive your Approval.

The life’s are engrossed;
Your’s was much discussed,
But at times, the downfall of your sentiments gasps in,
Perplexes, Horrifies and undermines the goals you’d set,
The resentment and the excitement uncovers,
The people seem caking and you doomed,
It’s dramatics of stances that enormously wipes your presence,
That time, when you just were on the verge of Cry,
You literally are in need for some Call, some light,
You were being leached and you knew you largely wanted to be handled,
Taken away from the worldly affairs, seated for the Skies,
Someone to nudge you and tell you You are still a Hero to Us,
You still can battle the ellipses and climb top through the Ladder,
You, just had to be brought into your zone,
You just, required this One Approval.