What are you most afraid of?
What can set you back?
What tells, you can’t do it?
What instils the fear in you?
What binds you not to try? What halts your route? What is “stop?”

Let the answer is nothing. For, I am here to tell you why it precisely should be “Nothing”.
Fail today to rise tomorrow.
Fail as if it’s telling you’ll win next.
Fail to live the unseen.
Fail to perform the great.
Fail to embark your presence. For, my friend, if you ever fail, I plead, Fail to Rise.

Fail in the most prestigious of ways.
For, if you play your part well here, Success will play its part with excellence. Trust Me ?

What do I really mean when I say all this?
Let’s face an aspect: – I prepare. I work hard. I do all that it takes. The result: I fail.
What do I do?

  1. I can’t accept it. “How can I fail?”
  2. What will others think?
  3. What will my parents say?
  4. How can this happen to me?
  5. Others weren’t even prepared as much as I was, they haven’t failed. So why me?
  6. The system is wrong.

Now that’s not something we are trained to do.
Those are feelings we implicitly drift into.
This is the ordinary.
But, the special part is, We know we want to be uplifted.
This drain of bully is what we have had, a lot.
And now, we aspire to rise above all of it.

If we ever found ourselves, in any of the above 6 , I like to call Illusions,
Significantly, dreadfully ought to Combat them and Combat them real well,
Read ahead, :).

Comprehend the above with the below:

  1. Accept it.
  2. Yes, Others will think. “What”? Even I remain goofed. But I am informed, they’ll think for 1 day. I swear, not one moment more.
  3. Parents will say. But then again, it’s all unblended love. Feel blessed and joyous.
  4. It has happened. You know your fault.
  5. You can’t control other’s repercussions.
  6. Accept the system. Then, become so big in life, that you can change the ordinance of the system.

and One to vanquish all the ill-feelings,
Be a Boomerang.

You have to stand up only till you can say –

Yes, they can pull me down,
They can throw me now,
The harder I go,
The harder I’ll come back around.

They can scratch my name,
They can protest against,
They can mock me now,
Let them complain,
I can take the Hit,
Because, I am a Boomerang.

P.S: The Almighty, already knows your capacity; nature knows your capacity. The tests in life are for you to realize that you are strong.