So, As I promised, Here is the second part of Compiling Thoughts. In case you missed, here's the link to Compiling Thoughts – Part One.

One for the Romantic Motivation:

He (Proposing to her) : The next time I go on my knees for a girl, I want to be tying shoe laces of our daughter.

Like, what more can a girl wish to hear when she is getting proposed. If you are a girl, Would you not melt for him in one shot? If you are a Man, You need no more words to hear the ever fantasized YES from her.

There is surely one job: Teaching – which may not pay you in riches, but if it feels you a Winner every day, Here’s one statement which would encourage you to take up that job, Today. A famous professor once said:

When I was an engineer, I was happy one time a month when I would get my paycheck, When I was teaching, I was unhappy one time a month, when I got my paycheck.

A bitter yet the most wise realization:

No matter how good you are, You are replaceable.

Many of us may deny this fact. but there is always going to come someone hungrier, younger and better who will replace you in the top-notch. I am not saying You will be done tomorrow, it may take time but you will eventually be replaced. So,

  • Lesson one: Do not take everything for granted.
  • Lesson two: Do not put yourself much in the heat of the job. Your family and friends are as much important and deserve you more.

If you thought being Rich is the best think to be in life. Here is an Eye Opener.

“I hope everybody could get rich and famous and will have everything they ever dreamed of, so they will know, it’s not the answer.” – Jim Carrey

Really, This man has grown to heights exemplary and all he started with was a zilch. So, now when he says this, It is only wise of us to realize that there is more to life – To pursue one’s dreams and live them – that is an answer to internal happiness, Nothing else.

Who doesn’t know Will Smith and how every ounce of this man is full of spirits that will make you believe in yourself for at least this lifetime! Here:

“I wake up every morning believing Today is going to be better than Yesterday.” – Will Smith

How many times it happens that today doesn’t go as we planned, We couldn’t achieve our targets and this affects us the next day(s) too. But, It’s so different with this man. HE tells us exactly the right thing to do – Believe in every new day – It will be better than yesterday. If we start our day with this powerful thought, I bet, Nothing can hamper our performance today. We will be better and efficient Today. And is it not, the sole thing we really want for ourselves?

Whatever is needed of us to be successful, stable and happy lies in us – But we forget it and go astray in the customs and contaminated thoughts of the environment around. Let it not happen to us, right from this moment.
Let’s take a moment to gulp these Complied Thoughts and live a life that’s full of mind calmness, awareness, responsibilities and sweet love. :)