Women are not equal to Men.
They are and will always be higher in prestige, courage and will.

Prestige to offer and accept.
Offers sole love , care & understanding.
Accepts sour ridicule, negligence and teasing.

Courage to protest and showcase outburst.
Protest for the righteous and harmony.
Outburst in forms of weird laughter and hurtful cries.

Will to achieve and will to let go.
Achieve as much as the Moon, Mountains, Space, Sports and More.
Let go of the parental for marriage, let go of the passion for children, let go of the credit for husband and many more.

Being a Woman is Being a Boomerang.
You may throw us bad, We’ll come out stronger and eventful.

Being a Woman is not Being Vulnerable.
You may think we are. And this thinking of yours is enough to mock over you.

Being a Woman is Being SkyScrapper.
We’ll fall to the grounds, And yet we have will to stand, rise and make it to the skyscrapers.

Being a Woman is Being Adventure.
Our thinking is more and beyond Kitchen & Chores. Rafting, Trekking & Paragliding are our boosters too. We can take you on for a Hot Air Ballooning sports, keeping our eyes wide open.

Being a Woman is Setting examples. Some great examples.
If you are a woman, Count your name in the list. If you are a man, you have plenty already.

Being a Woman is Being an Energy of Change.
A woman will be a catalyst for the Change; Sole of the Change.

Being a Woman is Being in miracles.
The splendid aura of you presence ignites miracles.

Being a Woman is pride.
Pride of a daughter, wife and mother.

Being a Woman is a bliss.
Bliss. Bliss. Bliss.

Each Day is a new learning. Each day is a power packed opportunity best-seller.
What we have accepted: The Men are much integral and powerful. And it is right in every bit.
With this, Let’s realize one more aspect today.
Today, belongs to a woman too.

A woman has set aside everything to make each day a better one. Let’s show gratitude, congratulate and accept this and Offer this day To a Woman in your life.

P.S: Every Man must acknowledge these and more importantly every woman must remember these.