What may or may not be expressed,
What may or may not be realized,
Some aspect that everyone is carrying,
Just, it may or may not be conveyed.

It’s a string of attachments,
It’s a river of swiftness,
It’s a sky of bonded thoughts,
It’s a deep well of guidance,
It’s also a sense of strictness.
In a world of gamble, Emotion has never been a game.
It’s not Skinny Love,
It’s not a matter of choice,
Starts with your birth, Never ends. Emotion.
Beautiful. It’s a beautiful world.

But, there are other times,
Times, that’ll test your emotions,
Times, that’ll slack the immediate relations,
Times, that’ll propel you to suppress emotions,
But believe me, these times are not difficult,
These times owe an obligation,
An obligation where the Love is expected to remain superior.
And it’ll solve every wrong.
These times owe a commitment,
A commitment where You are expected to belong to a greater energy,
And it’ll solve every wrong,
Yet, sometimes, it’ll solve nothing.
Yet, sometimes, it’ll convey nothing,
Yet, sometimes, it’ll have gloomy consequences,
There’ll be times when your heart will die to reach out,
Yet, there’ll be no aftermath.
At that time,
I remind of a solution,
It has inevitably been there,
It is our origin,
Our inception,
It’s not a mechanism,
not an articulation,
But it’s everything that we become,
of ourselves and others,
It’s every aspect of binding,
It’s an inch way of threading,
All the relations,
These richest earnings of humankind – Relations,
Can be enriched again,
Can be congealed,
By Simply, Communicating.

You don’t want to loose them,
They don’t want to loose you,
And everything, that is in your head,
They want to clear it too,
So go ahead today,
It’s simple.
It’s the essence of every Emotion.
You may not get the desired results,
But you’ll definitely be at a better, resolved state.

P.S: My dad asked me to write on this topic. This determines a lot of happenings. Go, talk to your parents, ask them to talk to the relatives.
No big words today, but words, words matter.