Are we here for sure?
Importantly, are we being here for sure?
Are we completely in this moment?
Have we utterly given our best?
Did we not cheat once?
Sure we are not hiding it from our parents?
Did you ever witness a wrong and walked away?
Took up something and left it mid way?
Smiled? but knew it could be extended?
Got up, pulled up your socks, took a shorter run?
Were you asked a question and half-raised your hand?
Promised to show up, wanted too, but never did?
Held someone’s hand, and a mobile phone too?
Bought your parents a car and sent a driver to test drive with them?
Told you’ll forgive but didn’t forget that one fight?
Exclaim your new relationship but don’t forget the past one?
Are you determined to take up something but fear the failure?
This, and many more aspects are where you, are a part of you,
where you could be much more than this,
where you could be bigger a person you are,
where you could smash the customs and emerge a warrior,
You, you just are accustomed to the prior,
Now, its time you realize,
where you could be so much more,
You are being Half, just a Half,
Half is Happening.

So, Umm Where is the other half?
It’s simple. It’s asleep.
It’s asleep in the ways you care,
It’s asleep in the aspects you share,
It’s asleep in the things you do,
It’s definitely asleep in You.
Will it wake up on its own?
No really will it?
Cumon’, Even you love a couple hours of more snoring!
It’s only when you know you have to, do you Wake Up.
For other times, its just Getting up.
So today when you know there’s another Half to you,
A Better Half of You,
Wake it Up.
Wake up to more Honesty,
Wake up to Divine Love,
Wake up to Pure Forgiveness,
Wake up to better Realization,
Wake up to Sumptuous Care,
Wake up and Dare,
Wake up to Deliver 100%, Also,
Wake up to Accept Failure.
Wake up to Longer Runs,
Wake up and Begin,
Begin that one thing today you always wanted,
Because this beginning, this manner of beginning will never be Half.
Because this beginning itself will be Complete,
This beginning will not have an end,
It’ll only be completed.
Complete the Half.