What decide your happiness?
When is it solely Happiness and You?
Or Do you depend on others to be happy?
Have you underestimated yourself too much,
that your source of happiness doesn’t arise from within you?
Do you not find enough reasons to be happy with yourself?

Well, I have prepared a write-up exactly for you today.
How, You have to be the most powerful person to drill the Happiness in you, for you.

If you look for happiness around you, in people or in things,
it has and will always be short-lived. Temporary.
To experience it now and forever, you need to really stop finding it elsewhere and realize that You,
You are Happiness.
You create and live it.
Acknowledge what you like to do.
What is that one thing you would do that pleases you?
You “have” to do many things I reckon, but in all these “have to’s”, never stop pursing what your heart screams out to do/become.
You may not love what you have to do, nut next to this, you must do what you love.
If you need someone else by your side to become happy,
that is you telling yourself what a boring and unsubstantial a soul you are.
Are you? NO, You are a source. Today, You become the destination too.
Make the two ends meet for your mind’s peace. You will feel happy, by yourself.
This will be Happiness. Created by you, in you, around you, for you, forever.

Also, If you happen to depend on others for happiness, implicitly,
they also become the source of problems and sadness in your life.
Your life gets driven, by them. Your actions get influenced.
Then, no matter how strong you may disguise to be,
You will be overruled. This is ultimate sadness.
So you see, it is ugly this way.

But trick is, simply be a Happiness creator for your self.
Do what you want:
Dance alone , Sing to yourself, Eat Healthy, Paint, Write, Run, Program, Build,
Impress yourself in ways marvelous, everyday.
And tell yourself, “How insanely awesome and Happy I am today!” :)

That moment, It will be happiness all around,
It’ll be Happiness and You.