All of us are becoming a lot everyday, but one aspect we just have become and continue to grow in is: Internet Usage.
How our days start by opening of a browser, Applications and closes after we have wished Good Night on the messenger App,
doesn’t matter if our family, in our house cannot sleep because they kept waiting for our Good Night Hug!

Now, Internet is said to distant relations ; But I do not believe in that.
Because, for me, Internet Time is only a portion and I, with time, have known how to use it intelligently, not emotionally.

So, I present to you Internet Intelligent – which basically will talk on how, if you have to be on Net,
There is rather a LOT of ways in which you can spend your time productively.
(All of below are not my own researches, I landed on some by myself, some were suggested to me and some I read as answers on
– Everyone should receive their credits. :)

  1. TED: Ideas worth spreading. – One Hundred Percent apt tag line. They have a huge collection of videos that
    can be of enormous aid to you. You can find highly sought for videos, many of which represent collaborations
    between talented educators and animators nominated through the TED-Ed platform.

  2. Wikipedia: Yes all of us know this free encyclopaedia but how many of us really read on it a lot?
    Use it, not only when you have to know some on a particular subject, But in your spare time too,
    make it a habit of reading through the truck overloaded knowledge they have to offer, for free.

  3. Coursera: Great video tutorials courses by the reputed and biggest Universities of the World. You take up a course,
    watch their vidoes, solve assignments, give tests, obtain a passing percentage and – A certificate by your
    name by some if the awesome Universities. And believe Me, The Course Design are so good that you will
    WANT TO LEARN THEM. I myself have two certifications: One by University of London, another by John Hopkins School.
    There are courses for everybody. Really, Check it out now!

  4. Learn to Code: They teach you how to learn code, interactively, for free. Just took up a CS course? Then this website
    is a treat for you.

  5. Spirit Science: Everything related to existence, life, spirituality and more.

  6. Khan Academy: They have the motto: You only have to know one thing: You can learn anything.
    This is so damn true because the way they teach you is extraordinary. You are learning online but take it from me,
    You will need to other source and feel you are being home tutored. They have courses for everybody : Students,
    Teachers and Parents. Give it a try.

  7. Oliver Emberton: This man is a great writer and an inspiration to me. I am a follower of his
    writings and trust me, his kind of writing is skilled and inspiring.

  8. 8tracks: Go no other place to listen to great music. Of all kinds. Thank me later.

  9. Scibd: Love to read? This is THE place for you. Read unlimited books here.

  10. BigThink: Articles worth reading, Videos worth watching, Play lists worth listening,
    Experts Notes. All under one roof. BigThink.

Are these getting enough for you already? Answer a big NO.
Because I still have a bunch pack of yet more to add to your browsing list.
As for now, Do go and explore each of them. You will not regret.
The knowledge , fun and wisdom is everywhere – If only we know to BROWSE right!

Check them out and let me know if they suit you well.
I will post more to these and update my own Browse List for Internet Intelligent and get them back here for you.

Internet has a lot to offer and it is beyond messenger Apps, Games and other frolic. Not saying they are no use, they are YES. But, there is a lot more. And if we really go with Internet Intelligent, who knows, it bridges the distances, makes us sober, calm and at heart and, The first and last entities of our day becomes the people we love and not the gadgets we accustom.