Is it a state?
Does it have a form?
Can you elude it?
What do you become of it?

Or abstract is it?
It cannot be lived.
It may be experienced.
It doesn't change you.
It may ignite a spark though.
Spark. Maybe sour. May help you,discover yourself.

Isolation maybe a phase. A transition.
From someone you are, to someone you want to be.
It lifts you - Isolation. It may bury you deep in the grounds.
Eventually, then, it will lift you.

Is patience a solution?
Do you only wait?
Do you just live on hope?
They don't hate you. no.
But, for a period, you are deprived.
Of love. Of company. Of care.
The heart ponders, the mind flickers.
Dilemma grasps you.
And what do you do?
Let these evade your presence?
Let it not be.
Simply, because , you have a presence.
Only you, can make it ubiquitous.
You are a skyscraper in your thoughts.
Why not, now let the world have a glimpse of it?

Realize the potent. In you it lies.
Isolation maybe hurtful.
Don't get over it. Let it surpass you.
You know, it can't steal the You from you.
Don't go for the kill of Isolation. No No.
Instead, let it dawn when it does,
Let yourself experience the birth of Presence in you.
Presence of faith.
Presence of belief.
Presence of YOU.
YOU are a great company. A great Love. A great Care.
For once, let it all shower on You! :)

Hey buddy "Isolation" - Thank you.
Your presence just made me isolated to the world!