Blossom like a Sunflower.

Like a Sunflower that follows every moment of the Sun,
So I turn towards You,
To follow You,
My Lord.

That’s starting lines of the Hymn I used to recite in school,
That’s where I first realized there’s an external force to which we pray so dearly,
That’s when I acknowledged the belief that I just happened to have in that Force, The Lord.
That’s when following a Force came into picture,
That’s when I started to worship with meaning and follow the lines of Good and Wise.

They teach us there is The Force which controls,
And We, can influence His controlling too,
It felt like a Video Game – The Force,The Greatest(The Most powerful entity), everyone believed existed,
But to see Him or Approach Him, It required a lot of Life Games, Learning, Failing, Combating, Executing and more.

We could and we can see the Sunflowers,
And its presence and behavior strengthens the belief that The Force exists.
That The Sunflower is also being taken care of,
That We, are also being taken care of,
Is a big example that tells us, We are still on this Journey,
The most amazing one that’d lead us to The Force,
That we shall be enlightened and everything in the end, will seem right.

Hardships are not only for us – It gets difficult for The Force too,
He has a vast vast Fan Club and You, Next to You, Next to him and I are constant wishers of our own good.
He, The Lord does give us some, takes from us some,
And, these sheer phenomenons are amazing in their own ways.
We are voluntarily or involuntarily the participants of Him,
We don’t choose the path, His Path,
He has already chosen us – to strengthen us brightly – In Good and Bad.

All of us like the Sunflower,
Let’s have mutual care and respect for our fellow mates too,
Spread the message of peace and prayer to all.