The unknown quench,
The fuzzy stress.
The unsure hopes,
The restless soul.

The unshared happenings,
The diluted mappings,
The fickle mind,
It reminds, recalls and rewinds.

The wait , The long,
The mirage of them all,
Is the butterflies in stomach
And the commotion in head that stalls.

Longing to know the result of Pass, Fail, Yes or No
is long than listed and harder than twisted.
Longing to travel at your dream destination,
Longing to be at peace with your Dad’s argumentation,
Longing to go back to your home town, to eat and dance with old friends around,
Longing to make money and fame, even if it includes some loss and pain,
Longing to set aside the routine and do the thing you love,
Longing to leave your job and form a Rock Band,
Longing to, one day, happily spend dollars to see the Eiffel with spouse or friend,
Longing to take a dive at the richest & deepest sees,
Longing to take a nap in your mother’s lap,
Longing to buy a home with no debts,
Longing to relax and be far from all the chaos,
Longing to walk under the star lit sky with your friends and enjoy,
Longing to let go of someone from your head, heart and cries,
There is this and that and it’s all too much, the regular You & Me finds.

Everything unwinds with time.
They say, It’s just a matter of time.
But, what are the factors of Time?
What changes and How does it change with Time?
Well, I define Time. Times are determined by factors of choices.
For Me:
Time – is a factor of hopes, hard-work, priority and tuned mind.
Love can also be found at a hopeless place.
Hard-work pays off right and solace.
Priority decides your motives and love in life.
A Tuned mined is well set and stable that welcomes surprises- good and bad.

So, Time will unfold everything.
But, The above factors will set the Times right, rewarding and fill confidence in you.
For, Even if you Fail, Eve if she says No,
Even if you don’t make it to your dream destination,
Or can’t forget her too soon and let go,
Time:with the above factors rigid in your mind,
will make you a person of learnings and bitterly-sweet experiences.

Longings come, stay and go.
You too, witness the Longings.
Don’t let them dawn the darkness and regret in your life.
keep moving ahead. Don’t leave everything on Time and fate.
You are the creator and destroyer of the end results of each longing.
Realize this simple theory and Keep Calm.

Long for the best treat but set a stable mind for an alone weep.