In this post, I’ll be penning my thoughts on words that have affected my ideas greatly.

The words and the Man, are depicted in the photograph above and below is my take on them. From his words, I have tried to answer a question which pops in many heads, including mine.

Question: Can Hard work defeat Luck?
Answer: YES.

“I hate that word – lucky. It cheapens a lot of hard work”.

I agree with the man of such words? Why?
Well, you see Luck isn’t a sure thing. Moreover, there’s nothing you can practice to let Luck dawn upon you. Can you? So in one way, Luck doesn’t participate in the race itself to determine success.

Hard work is something you practice, you carry it out every day, you see it, you should ideally live it. Hard work is simple, is participation, and hard work is attainable by everybody.

The notion of Luck, cheapens a lot of hard work.

Everyday I work hard, everyday I see myself participating and working towards something,
I am taking steps towards winning.
I am defeating Luck in every sense.
I am performing acts towards winning.
I am pitying on Luck in every way.
I am putting in my best, happily towards winning.
I am, Simply working hard.
And this Hard work, is defeating Luck, on its face.