He sells. He sells a lot.
He negotiates. It happens a lot.
He talks in tones of pleasure and disguise.
And then he sells, EIGHTEEN Crores, a fortnight.
It’s whooping, it’s more than a trick.
It’s tender words, and the strategy within.
The deals are hard, but he loves to appeal.
He does it, not fooling but assuring.
He mends it, not interim but lasting.
He proposes, not pleads.
He accepts, even the refusal, humbly.
He prepares, for the smallest and easiest treaties too,
He talks with valor and smile at the board meetings/zoo.
He delivers, promise in business, won’t let one client loose belief in him.
He gives subordinates a chance to meet and converse with the Leads.
He charms, he gestures. He showcases excellence, with results and honors.
More than anything, he walks like he has nothing to his credit.
For, whatever he has, he’s ready to make an offer.
And that’s how he wins, the heart’s and and brains.
And that’s how he earns, the customers faith.
And that’s how he motivates, the new comers.
And that’s how he pleases, the bosses.
And that’s how he achieves, appreciation from the masses.

But he, has plans, bigger and bigger.
He plans to retire, at thirty-fiver.
And for this, he risks, Almost every quarter.
He alcohols work. His priorities matter.
He sees no you, no me, He gets business, better and better.
He does it superb, but for him, it’s, every time – Just a Starter.

Because He, idolizes life, with more than a Job – Without one really.
He wants to live king size, and such he will carve.
He wants to live, to his Love and family, and such he will carve.
He wants to live, a life worth knowing and reading – And that, He just carved. :)

His deeds today, are power and heroic.
He celebrates victory, with Dad, Mom and Me.
He donates thousands – Care, Money and Godly.
All this assured.
He sells everyday. He handles big business everyday.
He lends everyday. He markets every damn day.
And he does many acts of supremacy, everyday.

And there’s one thing, he does to so many, without say and pray.
He motivates. Everyday.