To meditate, is to purify language of the mind, body and actions.
Listening and following the conscious is reassured.
Respond with patience, reason and charm will seem easier than ever before.
Acceptance with honour, will and strength is unavoidable.
Resist the foul, wrong and temporary pleasure gets you high.
Tackling the messy and frust comes in the package, for life!
Gratitude can elevate tremendous and uplift massive.
Forgiveness will take you to the levels of serenity so up,
And, Love will blossom in, around and yourself immense.
While you can feel the calm and peace,
It makes you better alive and so stress free.

Empowers your being and redefines your abilities,
Refactors your life’s code and echoes deep wisdom,
Gets you in great shape – both mental and physical.
Let’s you observe rigid, listen well and respond well in league.
And as I recall,
“You can win over the hearts of people, If you can win over your petty mind.”
Mindfulness brings great leads of character,
noble deeds of a saviour,
Awareness like a Monk.
Precision like that of an Archer.

Debatable, Meditation sways you.
The threads are loosened and tightened.
Loosened are the ones where you were left off,
Tightened get those where you wanted to hang on.
The mind is enlightened and doomed.
Enlightened on the path of righteousness, duty and regard,
Doomed from the plights of depression, anger and sorrow and bad past.
The emotions are stable, calm and dequeued.
Stable in manners of clean, humorous and free.
Dequeued are the thoughts that once, held you a spree.

The senses are embarked with a zeal so new,
The mind is relaxed like the beautiful morning dew,
The face shimmers and glitters like the 24 Carat Gold, all new.
The feeling of belonging-ness sinks in, the world seems home in lieu.

You are endowed with the power to let go of the shackles,
Everything which bogs you down, you can now break free.
And every inch of what caters you happiness, you are augmented to it.
You befriend darkness, the Gates of Intelligent Hollowness sweeps in.

You experience moments of Magic, your wishes are fulfilled lightening speed,
You chuckle, feel warm and grow tremendous,
You, are a different being,
It all feels so new and bliss!

So, meditate today and meditate not to be!
You meditate, because You are here, Let everything else, be!

Meditation isn’t old-school, isn’t for the aged,
The Young You, the Mighty You, the Exploratory You and the “mind-full” You, :)
Everything will fall in place, you sit relaxed for minutes ~10,
Silence will seem the solace place,
All quests will be served and restlessness relieved.

Not a guarantee that you won’t see failure or no tragedy,
But calm yet powerful You, will know the ways to tackle and face,
And, no matter how much the world may seem to break you down,
You’ll stay headed, smile and mobile. These will be your biggest strengths,
You will emerge as true spirited and an Ambassador,
One more time, You’ll be “Talk of the Town”,
Even if it was failure last time,
It’d be honour, gratitude and respect now, Every Single Time.

Don’t take effort to sit stiff,
Don’t over-think “not to think”,
Just sit eyes closed, smile, thank and maybe even cry,
But let’s get this in to routine,
And for the next parts, You tell me your new Life! :)