Many have we faced,
Many have we failed,
Many we did spoil,
A lot mistakes we make.

We hesitated,
We resisted,
You held our hand,
and we, felt uplifted!
You gripped us hard,
And we stood strong.
You made us understand the bonds, the wrong!
You showed us light , when we were in dark!
MA, you made us smile, when we cried for hours!

Ma, you are the air we breathe,
You, are everything we will ever want to be.
You are the reason we try
You are the inspiration, We will fly high!
Your love is the binding,
Your love is our surrounding!

Ma, your care is infinite,
Your love is divine.
Your belief is sparkle,
Your blessings are all around!

Your eyes seek our presence,
And we love to see you too.
Your food is so delicious,
Fat fat we grow too!

Your funny side is charming,
You scold, that is important too!

You are our guide,
In the most difficult of times.
You are our light,
when the darkness arise.
You are our stick,
when the world falls.
You are our Sunshine!

We could be nothing,
if you were not there!
They say, you need air to survive,
Maa, you are our air!
You are our air,
to survive,
to fight,
to smile,
to celebrate,
to dance,
to sing,
to eat,
to pray,
to love,
And, to be ourselves!

Mother, We are we,
Because, you are you!