Couldn't be less mine, couldn't be used more by others!

Sadly, it identifies me, it is my Name.

Why does the society needs a label?
Why does the society divide?
Why does the society abide? For Namesake?
It all starts wen you are no more you, you are a Name.

Not 100 deed's of mine are enough to label me.
I may be planning a 101th.

My Name is Khan - so I must walk covered in a black attire, head to toe?
My Name is Desouza - so I must visit church every Sunday?
My Name is Deshmukh - so I am supporter of Raj Thackeray?


"What is your name" is lame.
"What" is that you do.

Please don't label my existence. And please don't let the customs dawn on me!

Because I, am more.
Because I, am a soul with free thoughts and simple ideologies.

My name should not be tagged.
My actions, must.

Let my Speech, be heard.
Don't pull me into politics just because I happen to be born in the Gandhi family.

I will rise, my deeds shall make me history.
But when I am remembered, let my work shine, erase the name.
And that will be me, successful, WITHOUT A NAME.

I am a free voice.

I am a human.
I am a citizen of proud India.
I am an enthusiastic young mind.
Maybe I am nothing.