Nature is Love is Nature.

It rained at my place today.
The winds blew at an enormous speed,
The trees shook in a way splendid,
The Mother Nature sprinkled drops upon us,
The holy environment seemed beautiful and surreal.

I opened all the doors and windows,
Welcomed the cold breeze and paid it warm reception,
I went out and stood gazing at the trees and sky,
And stretched out my arms and felt the rain upon.
The world out may have been busy with their affairs and business,
But, here I was, beginning to feel the most ecstatic, happy and pleased,
In the lap of Nature, it was no less, I knew it was Nature Supreme.

Before this moment, I may have been engrossed,
Life seems hard and boring at times,
But that one moment in Nature, gave me immense and was iconic.
Where one ponders to find happiness and love,
It was Nature Supreme who was offering all it can,
All the blessings, warmth, love and hugs.

Nature has a lot to bestow,
It pours, shines, warms and colds,
It glorifies our lives; Gifts us moments of love and tickle,
Nature Supreme is all around,
Let’s take care of it too,
Be in harmony with the Nature,
Not destroy it for human homes,
For, we may be playing evils to those flora and fauna,
We can’t find Home, nor be at Heart, if we wither them apart.

So, let’s be the Humans we have originated to be,
Celebrate life in Nature and with Nature,
Experience the mesmerizing Nature Supreme.
And, be humble and reasonable,
Protect it and grow it, so our generations may also experience the beauty and see the Nature Supreme. :)