Not him not her,
Definitely not the third gender,
Neither the powerful, nor the wealthy,
It even gets difficult for that Almighty,
Equality, Fame, Home, Bonus,
Health, Lights, Camera, Joyous,
Money, qualification, birth, bearing,
This and that one thing your heart most dearly wants,
Nobody gets Easy. Nobody gets All.

You struggle you lie,
You churn you sigh,
You carve your way up high,
Next moment, You get it all wrong,
You persist you Risk,
You go deep, so much you read,
You stay strong, you collide,
You are taken aback, you are nullified
Your mind gets tainted,
Your faith goes a broken glass,
You try and get disappoint.
You build a 100, fall a 101th,
You develop a stage enormous, and it may also get cracks,
You earn lac’s,
You blow lac’s,
You achieve a position,
You may loose a relation,
Your market share rises,
Your children may go astray,
Your world goes happy.
Your world goes tipsy-topsy.
You run here,
You get dragged there,
You aim good,
You achieve better,
You fault,
You withdraw.

You begin.
You smash.
You get smashed.
You get tax rebates.
God forbid, You get raid.

Your money doesn’t buy happiness,
Your happiness doesn’t fetch money,
Your power doesn’t earn respect,
Your respect doesn’t give you power to rule,
Your wealth doesn’t aid the Cancer,
Your Cancer makes you live the last in utmost care,
That care, is worst thing you want!

This You, is not always You.
But there is a You and there will be another You.
Today, you don’t have it all.
Then, you won’t have it all.
Nobody gets it all.

This realization is The Trump.
This awareness, This Drum,
Let it beat in your ears, Nobody gets it All,
Then, You are a Happy Sound Bum! 😀