Life gives you surprises. Pleasant and unpleasant.
We draw more learning from the Unpleasant ones.

I failed in first year of engineering,
It was my first welcome hug to Tower of Fail,
I felt most useless, tragic hit and cried out loud for days.
I thought crippled and mournful every moment,
My nature transformed to that of a sulking bot and I put on a HateForAll Fever.
It was then that I felt Everything has gone wrong.
But, How silly was I and how little was my world,
Because, over the times, I have known and realized, Nothing goes wrong.

For, If I wouldn’t have failed,
I wouldn’t have seen the diminished colours of oneself nor those of people around.
I failed and I became stronger.
I failed and I became courageous.
I failed and I became an Acceptor of situations.
I failed and I knew when to Act right and turn situations.
I failed and I saw how greatness is achieved,
I failed and I took part in every opportunity and went home pleased,
I failed and I learnt to follow and lead,
I failed and I undertook every act with immense positive vibe and will,
I failed and I acknowledged there is more in the world for me than to sit and scribble “Why Me”.
I failed and I understood how life will give you everything : Failure , pain and Rejection and more fun,
And I know it, The failure boosted the zeal in me; The failure looked wrong to me,
But, I have known the biggest secrets of life:
I have seen, known and realized, Nothing goes wrong.
I failed and I saw how much I can perform everyday and the life became busy, sweet and worth.
I failed and I realized if I wouldn’t have failed I wouldn’t have become . . Me.
Failure bogs you down for a while, only to empower you for the rest of your lives.
That’s one instance of Failure I faced.
And I say, Everyone of us should fail. We must stand on that aisle which holds the signboard: You failed.
Because, If in lives, we do not see failure then we have lived a life so cautiously and without taking risks,
That such a life, becomes failure by default!

So, Go out. Start something new. Take the first step towards your dreams.
If you have started, it’s time you take leaps.
If you have achieved much, It’s high time you take serious risks and experiment.
For whatever you are, wherever you are, If you don’t do much to ignite performance to your lives,
You will still fail and that’ll be even more hard.
But, whenever you get stuck with it, with the failure,
Do not yell or cry or sulk,
Know it, that it is going to make you one Wall of a Person!
Nothing goes wrong.