Calm she is, hard work she does immense.
Faith, the girl has is exemplary, chuckle goes her cheeks too!
She reaches out for big, “big” she may not score,
but earn , she earns.
Earns the doer ship,
Earns the spiritual,
Earns the honesty!
Belief is what keeps her going,
and it will succeed her too.

She doesn’t give up, I know she won’t.
And this, will sail her boat through!
She is just one among the billion,
Only because she is One in the Billion! :)

Life ain’t a race, it is a way,
She realized this much earlier,
And so, she walks , walks with a smile!
If not her speaking skills,
Her vicinity can bring a change!

She is truly, madly, deeply,
in a state!
A state which her presence defines,
A new beginning, a season,
she exclaims the Art to Live !

She may not have many fans,
But the Almighty takes care!
She is on the ground, but stands on the mountain,
Her values are such, her virtues are inspiring!

The people may not have noticed her,
She may not have won many trophies,
but she will be glorified!
Because she is at peace,
She is out of the daemon’s reach.
Because she lives a character so inspiring,
She and her modesty will be preached.

The art to live that she has discovered, will turn the time!
The Ordinary She, will not open up to the ill world,
The Ordinary She, will discover her own little space,
In that little-abundant space, will She, No longer be Ordinary.
She doesn’t require a recognition,
Even Today, The Ordinary She, is doing something, no SuperMan Can!
She is not very far. Look around. You have witnessed Her too.
But you just don’t notice,
And so she remains the Ordinary She.