I am a Motivational Speaker and Founder at Sailing Words.
I recently undertook a session for Parents of 10th Standard Students. Had an amazing first time experience with Parents, so thought to share it with all of you! :)

I majorly spoke on how the Child’s thoughts are pleasingly influenced by how much believe you show in the Child.

For Example, I am an average performing student.

  • Case 1:
    My parents, in a conversation with other Parents express their belief that even if I underperformed this time,
    I believe in my child, he will do wonders next time and in life.
  • Case 2:
    My parents, in a conversation with other Parents express their belief that because I underperformed this time,
    they loose hope in me and worry as to how I’ll survive in life.

From a Child’s perspective, Case 1 empowers him tremendously and He determines and does perform wonders. Case 2 Demotivates and the Child is left to worrying himself instead of some Action.
This really alarmed the Parents and I had a good talk on this.

I laid emphasis on how conversations with the Child, everyday is a must. For Example, I had an average day/something miraculous happened/something saddened me.
Case Universal: For anything it be, I need to open my heart to someone.
Case 1: My parents initiate conversations and ask and LISTEN how my day went. I speak more or less everything.
I look for their advice and reaction and that makes me stronger and happier.
Case 2: My parents do not have a conversation with me. (Reason could be any) I will tend to think neglected and for all the talking I wished to had, I don’t see it happening.
I start to look for happiness and quality time outside.

Many parents could relate with this point and we ended up concluding that Everyday conversations are utmost important.
I urged the parents to stop comparing your Children with others.

For Example, Marks. Many Parents compare their children grades with those secured by his friends.
This comparison makes the child feel much inferior and often, may result in arising the feelings of Foe towards their Prents.

This is a natural influence that comes from the society. But it can be and must be stopped right here. THe children deserve
support, not comparisons.

Don't Compare Children on any aspect.

I talked about some Time Management techniques which Parents must instil in the Children so they have no complain of
running short of time, all the times.

I also mentioned some quick Concentration Boost up methods which the Students can benefit with. The Parents need to take
care of these methods and should partner with their children and provide all required environments.
Life is much beyond Marks and all the Parents should agree with this and guide their children for positive approach in life, even if they fail at one point.
The Parents must hold the child together and face the adversity with him and tell him that, Failure is most temporary aspect one must experience!

Life is Above Marks!

I had a brilliant time and felt glad to have expressed my views on How Belief in the Child, Courage in the Child, Peace and harmony in the Child, Understanding in the Child, Handling Relationships in the Child, Being a Better Human, all this and much more comes to a Child from their Parents! Felt amazing speaking to the lovely audience, Parents.

Hope you enjoyed this read too.