If you keep the Plenty with yourself, Your hands will go dirty.
How to avoid? Share Your Plenty.

Sometimes the Man with the most resources is left with no great idea to persist.
Sometimes the Man with the most ideas can generate no resource.
The person with huge company turnovers is hated by many.
The one earning enough to keep his family under the roof is respected by you and me.
Those with all means to pay for the biggest adventures and rides are often seen far from their loved ones.
The children of richest often go astray and the parents are left in hurt & pain.
The wisest of men don’t share enough knowledge.
The golden hearts wither away in crises of employment and societal stress.
The plenty in the world deteriorates to the poor puffs.
This way, Plenty goes poor.
This is a tragic scene yet many knowingly or unknowingly come under such stances.
“Plenty goes Poor” must be fought by each of us.
This way, The World will the world be a better place.

The solutions are plain and lucid.
For everyone is required to go ahead with the basics,
If I’m wealthy too much, let me make my offerings more and arrogance cheap.
If I’m healthy well and tight, let me spread the fitness regimes and trainings.
If I’m wise in a subject, let me take up education seminars to a next level.
If I’m a child of rich parents, let me do some social work; build homes for the destitute and some pilgrimage,
If I’m offered a job for a lac per month, I have the ability, let me entrepreneur, give salary in thousands to labour.
If I have means to travel the world, let me be kind and donate to charity too and win some true prayer & appraisal.
If I have ideas of worth a revolution, let me learn the tact of Networking and build good for the Universe.
If I’m a soul with benevolence and care for all, let me take up sessions to teach the acts of selflessness and power to forgive all.
If I generate tons for my company’s turnover, let me also be an easy person to talk to and appreciate other’s contribution.
I, can be in any state today, but there is something I am plenty with, the only way to preserve it, is to spread it. :)

I have plenty of X, I feel too much superior to do anything else : This is a theory of disaster.
And soon enough, when the Plenty seems to trip down and all we have around are foes,
That’s when we realize the our worlds could be still at ease and in plenty, had we let us be real, down to Earth and easy.

Each of us have some in plenty and some in minimal.
Let’s, not only focus at the Plenty, but do everything it takes to let it flourish in us and share with many.
Soon then, The minimal will go poor, Plenty will be restored and flourished across.

P.S: If you think you don’t have anything Plenty in you, You are wrong. You are bestowed with many virtues which you shouldn’t
let go poor. If there’s something more you are striving to get in Plenty, You will. When that happens, don’t just keep it to
yourself, Share it and then see the magic; It won’t eve go minimal. It’ll flourish, You’ll flourish. :)