Life gives you scars so many so tough,
Life makes you bend down so much so low,
Life proposes you tears, sadness and despair,
Life tests you so bad and severe.
Life gives you scars, Pretty Good Scars.

Of all the scars I have seen and experienced,
One that trenches my heart and pains my senses,
Anguishes my mind and shatters my powers,
Ceases the gushing blood and pierces the nerves,
Cuts deep and tragic my every moment,
Pinches so hard and grips too tight,
My breath comes to a choke,
When I see My Mom in pain..and low.

Ill health is the cause, The root is Slipped Disk,
My Mom met with an accident 17 years ago and it hasn’t yet cured fully.
Everything we tried, Physio, Ayurved, Elopethic, Blesing, Totkas and more,
The recent one is a Surgery she underwent, the doctors promised a fair glow.
And she is recovering Yes, Some days are pain free and happy,
They ignite the spark of a complete healthy body.
Some days are still gloomy, when Mom feels so much pain,
It is a matter of time now, The doctors say,
And we are left to pray and hope with all the meds prescribed.

The moments you see your Mom in pain,
Your World collapses and body numbs,
You hands shake and mind fears,
Your tears flood and soul cuts.
You love your Mom, more than the World,
More than your body, soul and everything above.
So, You don’t just pray,
You believe she is all right and pray.
You don’t just stop crying,
You show the enormous strength, smile and hold her tight.
You don’t just let the painful moments pass,
You keep score of when all she was pain free and laughed,
You thank the Forces for she is stable, even if an inch than before,
You speak to the Lords Your Mom is strong and the strength shall then befall,
You keep up the spirit of Positive vibe and be calm,
You tell your Mom, I am here, nobody can harm.
You serve her with all the joy, moments of frolic and charm,
You promise the Universe, You will keep her happy and strong.
You believe in the Good, and showcase commitment to Mom,
That, All the hurtful phase is in the verge of exit,
We’ll celebrate the coming days, no matter what.
You care for her, keep all your business aside and far,
For, she’ll blossom and recover within, when You are with her and keep her warm.
The Gods , The Forces will then see it clear,
You, Your Mom, are unbreakable, He’ll give you a miracle sheer.

As Mom is herself in pain, has been in pain since so long,
It’s quite okay that she gets frustrated herself and looses hope,
If, at this point, even you are sulking and being hateful for the conditions,
There will be sorrow and agony spreading.
And that, is the last thing you want your Mom to face on top of all the pain,
She needs care, positive environment and hope – You give her.
I’ve had all these circumstances and after all the wrath as to Why again and flooded tears and hurt,
Only one aspect can bring You and Your Mom at a better pace – Be stable and do something.

This is really a personal matter but the situation involves A Kid and A Mother – The purest and ubiquitous relation.
So, I penned all this, in belief that if someone relates to this, He can act in ways highly required of.

P.S: As I write this, My Mom is having pain in legs and lying down in the adjacent bedroom. I know I have to be with her, but she asked me, “Why aren’t you Writing today!?”. And this, sums up a Mother for you – Herself in discomfort but thinks for you, about you, loves you.

P.P.S: All of you are very powerful and full of virtues and goodness. I have always believed in your greatness to dawn positive energy in the society. Today, I humbly ask you to take a moment and bless my Mom for her speedy recovery.

When life gives you scars, take them with gratitude and courage. It’ll soon take them back.