The season isn’t rainy,
But the streets are wet.
The water isn’t draining,
But the drops are felt.
The couple wasn’t in love,
But the Drug, did spread.

The evenings were dark,The lights showed dim,
Candles were taken out, and so the room lit.
The quilts weren’t out, it wasn’t the season,
But the quiver was gripping, the temperature, dropping.
And so the couple came closer, held each other and started talking.

They chatted less, gazed more, gazed less, remembered more.
The time they spent, was sparkling and divine.
The routes they drove, was chilly and sunshine.
The places they discovered, were remote and isle.
The occasions they celebrated? It was almost each time.
The rides they enjoyed, were low and high.
They went far in tides, came closer by the night.
The games they cherished; he lost and smiled, she lost and smiled.
They walked, ran and flew miles. They held each other, each time.
They rose in love,
They knew it was love.
They explored in love,
They swore in love.
They danced, sang and laughed in love,
They tripled and loved, they trolled and loved, they fought and loved.

This Drug, was too strong.
But now, they just, remembered.

What happened down the line? Was it just some doubt or the force declined?
Maybe it was both or none, but the Drug lost effect.
But now, when they remembered,
And, remembered it together,
And wanted to remember more, Their Hearts played the Drug.
They wanted the drug, they wanted to defuse the bitter,
They longed to love.
And thus, once again, was formed a Young Love by an old Drug.

P.S: Rain, Love and Other Drugs come for free, come with cost. Take the free ones. Pour Rain, Love and Other Drugs back to the Universe.