When you achieve immense,
Times when they applaud at your mere presence,
Moments that you create, everyone rejoiced,
Idolized, you get for your every act and choices.
That’s when you lived your best,
But now, they just remain References.

Your every action, simple or contagion,
influenced masses,
They stood up in your regard,Praised,
You saw their Heart-felt responses,
That’s when you explored your wise alternatives,
But now, they just remain References.

You didn’t strive, you pursued,
For, you took each task as dear and effusive,
You believed in genuine, doer ship,
Your worked seamlessly, achieved credits,
And You, were celebrated.
That’s when you kept the vibrant going,
But now, they just remain References.

The peers, the elderly,
You won their minds,
Looted the evils and Rooted the angelic,
Surmised them of their potent,
Made everyone a spectator of you, honest and succour
That’s when you exemplified beauty, magic and few lessons,
But now, they just remain References.

Today, the References are fading too.
What you were, the abode you held,
Is on the verge and maybe diminishing.
This time, is excruciating.
You tend to drop your very personality.
So, do you let go of you, yourself, your magnum?
This time, remember the References.
At this point of trauma, recall those References.
They were yours.
Those, wow moments, were you.
Those cheers, bravos, you ignited them.
That ovation, you created for yourself.
And if not anything else,
Just remember that for someone, you blossomed,
They appreciated, reverenced, and for once, you awed the audiences wide!
It was you, It is you. Believe here, very strongly.
The times are tough today, the locale is not swift,
The nature is testing you,
and this time, You remember You.
Stand up,
And Welcome this Time too.
Honour these conditions too.
Go ahead and Marvel this sink too.
Be everything.
Don’t loose You.
You created many References,
But some awesome ones are yet to be made.
This moment, Respond.
Take it up.
History is waiting to be made.
Now you should not.