To rest is noble,
To perform is Action.
To take pledge is harmonious,
To implement is Solution.
To make promises is satisfactory,
To fulfil, is home-delivered.
To speak is dictating,
To listen is a virtue.To roam is leisure, Make others sought after you.
To delay is failure; let others fantasize of your success.
To seek is passive, intermission the others for your opinion.
To travel is fantasy, be in a position to book 10 allowance tickets for others.

This, is an open source world.
It has opportunities, a ton.
Go for 10. Lose 10.
Explore the 11th, and if fate has, fail that too.
But then, then Replace.

Replace the noble, the leisure, the harmony, the satisfaction,
Replace the sole sitting lectures,
Replace those short term goals,
Replace the little dedicated spirit,
To something and everything higher,
To something and everything beyond,
To something and everything of Risk,
To something and everything – Achieve.

Is it difficult?
It’s not.
You see,
There is a fire in you,
There is an alarm in you,
There is a Jetpack,
There is an ultimatum in you,
There does lie, a Super power in you,
Just don’t replace that. !

P.S: You are going to replace the Standard. This might seem unusual, full of hardships. But then again, you don’t have to deal with them, Just Replace them. Yes Right, with Supremacy. Try, It’ll come easy.