Story on Handwork

Why are there no Lamborghini ads on TV?
. . .
Because the people who can afford are not sitting around, watching TV all day! 😀

Story on Love

2 boys in conversation:
Boy 1: I love her. Only I can have her.
Boy 2: I love her more. She has been closer to me.
Boy 1: How are you going to take care of her you don't even earn properly for yourself.
Boy 2: I will do everything but not let her sleep hungry one day.

Hearing this, a tear rolled down her eyes when she thought they’ll send her an Old Age Home.
That’s her Two Boys.

Story on Father’s true feelings

A boy put a photograph of him and his girlfriend on a social networking website.
Father: Son, What sort of photograph is this?
Son: Dad, I completed a year with my Girlfriend so put up this DP.
Father: Is it? You have completed 22 years with me. You never had us as your DP!?

Story with Moves

He beat his wife again today. It was ruthless and becoming his habit.
She felt hopeless but gathered some courage and stood up.
Sulking, she packed and kept the Chessboard in the cupboard!

I read these in the wild while surfing.
Sharing these because I wanted to bring these to a larger audience. I feel they are superbly crafted. Hope you enjoyed too :)