1. Drink 4 liters of water everyday. Enough water in body is lasting energy and freshness.

  2. Pause before making a statement to someone when in conversation. Avoids conflicts, almost every time.

  3. Yoga. No better mind and soul cleansing remedy.

  4. Patience in every task I undertake. Time rewards with its own merits.

  5. Take a moment to understand the other person’s point. Everyone goes through a lot. Everyone should be listened to.

  6. Prepare for what I want to become. Everyday perseverance fetches better results.

  7. Others may have a better/deprived life. I should not just fret about it. I should continue to work either for my betterment or to uplift others.

  8. Carry out my hobby. Because some things need to be done for heart’s contentment and enjoyable moments.

  9. Spirituality. One who doesn’t believe in prayers and power of bliss is most ignorant and unwise.

  10. Connect with Parents. I am fortunate to live presently with my parents. Today and forever, I shall devote some moments of my day, solely to be with them.

These everyday practices would not only ensure me a healthy body and mind, but also, I will learn the bitter and sweet lessons of life in the most righteous of ways.

It is important to have a peaceful mind who is alert and aware of the surroundings, molds one’s presence and acts according to the stances, not only philosophies but his wisdom is seen in his actions, leads a life of playfulness yet mature, risk taking confidence with shredded belief, a powerful thinking with a conscious care for all.

Life is everyday evolving: Excitement and Pinching.
One needs to adhere to certain aspects to live it the way best for himself and the people around.

I have started this way. These Ten bests – What and Why Sheet will definitely shape my ideologies of living life, profoundly. Do you connect with these too?
Then let’s together give it a try.
Take some of my Ten Bests, carve some of yours, list them together: Ten bests – What and Why Sheet, and witness The Power and Magic for yourself.

Happy Listing and then, Enacting.