He: Hi X didn’t you miss me?
She: Puzzled. Well..
He: But I was gone out for long.
She: I realize that.

He: It was a pleasant regime.
She: I’m sure you watched out for everything.
He: Yes, I did.

She: What all did you do?
He: Oh, you know the glaze of dawn, the rep after rep mind thrilling workouts, then everyday we listened to some mind blowing talks, then I would go to my area and perform some of my best actions, I patrolled along some beautiful sights, I have made some life long relationships with many, I came up with strategies that would be embarked soon, The food was ordinary but it felt warm and loved, the sound of silence and the force in massive tankers, the joy of running to save lives and the moments of far despair, The serene and noisy night-life, It was all so adventurous and awesome.

She: That sounds pretty interesting.

He: Umm, But you didn’t call, no once?

She: Oh, I called your name so many times. I called you when I suddenly woke up from sleep, I called you when I almost slipped from the bathroom, I called you when I burnt my hand from the burner, I called when I saw those medals, I smiled and called when I saw those report cards of low attendance, I called you when I couldn’t eat properly thinking if you ate on time or not, I called your name when my eyes were just about to doze off, I called when I prepared your favourite dish, I called when I couldn’t have proper vision, I called when the weathers changed, I called you when the mangoes ripened, I called when the flowers blossomed, I called when the leaves withered, I sighed and called when the clouds cleared . .

But most than all, I felt proud when I saw the Country’s Flag Rising Up and People saluting, when the masses felt protected, and the hearts melted, and the respect spirited, and the wholesome gratitude and the dawn of Complete Trust.

And at that moment, I didn’t call. I didn’t call because I knew, There is Calling for you, which is higher , stronger and purer.

He: . . . I love you, Mom.

She: . . I’ll call, and so will every mother for her son. But we want you to listen for one call,only one, the holy grail, Mother Earth!