During the day, In the Night,
They grip you tight and take control each time,
They pull you back and stretch you in time,
Dim your presence and flash the light,
The light of past and future : Some Fine, Some Impolite.

You hold yourself responsible for the sorrow and plight,
You remain overjoyed in the past’s recognition and prize,
These moments which have passed, don’t actually surpass,
Because You keep them close and forget the Present : Rhythm Divine.
You over-think the future prospects and how you can shine,
You day dream as to you’ll accomplish it all & be on Cloud 9.
Or you fear the future so much that you think all’s gonna go in futile.
These moments which are yet to happen, then may not actually come true,
Because, You keep them close and forget the Present : Only aspect so true.

You have to let go. Really, you have to let go.
Let go of the past imperfections and accolades.
Let go of the future prospects, fear and phases.
You have to be in this moment, the most prestigious inch of time.
Because, This Present Moment is the only Decipher : The past & future will seem brighter.

You learn now. You work now.
You ask forgiveness now. You forgive now.
You gym now. You take protein now.
You visit parents now. You welcome children now.
You follow traffic rules now. You keep surroundings clean now.
You obey now. You follow and you lead now.
You register your company’s domain now.
You thank the Gods now. You believe in yourself now.
You start reading a book now. You write a page of diary now.
You respect everyone around now.
You feel blessed now. You show gratitude now.
You run 5 miles now. You watch Fast & Furious now.
You do everything that makes you happy, Now!
You do everything you have wished to do, Now!

Your past will fade and your future will glow.
You will not juggle. You’ll put up the finest of shows.
If only, You be in this moment, One hundred percent and vow to stay this way.

Your future aims will then automatically be fulfilled.
Your past grudge and remorse will then get erased smoothly.
You, are most beautiful, healthy and wise,
When you be, in this moment and give it your one hundred percent and smile.
For, this is the way you want to be remembered :
In everyone’s thoughts, Be an active player of Their Game of Thoughts.
And then, when they let go of you as a thought and implement your regime in their “NOW”,
because they knew you as a Person of Present, a person whose presence was strongly felt & applaud.
That’s when you have successfully won, The Game of Thoughts.

P.S: Give it a thought! 😀

Which way is right?
Don't wonder much, just take the way and you'll find out for yourself - Always better.