How do you think you have a happy life?
Get a job in a mass recruiter IT company.
Go to office Monday-Friday.
Fix some bugs, Cheat from Stack Overflow, Fill Time sheets.
Party on Saturdays. Toil Sundays.
Mondays, think bored and hellish but put on a smile and walk to office.
Discus how you had a gala time in weekend when you know no one cares to know.
That’s a makeover.

How do you impress an Indian?
If your are from a foreign country,
Say “Namaste!.”
If you are a fellow Indian,
Speak in English language.
You have successfully impressed an Indian.
That’s a Makeover.

How do you play cool?
Get into a relationship.
Put your moment’s pictures on social sites. Open-reopen-reReOpen to check Likes & Comments.
Feel joyous when all they did was secure a Like & Comment from you in future.
Contribute to the website’s revenue.
Break the relationship. Feel like a Man, my foot.
That’s a makeover.

How do you exhibit power?
Get down a Lamborghini, expect a salute from all, when everyone knows it’s a dad’s hard earned.
Flaunt an iPhone when you don’t know how to hide unused Apple App icons.
Branded clothes and accessories when back home, the house bills haven’t been cleared.
Dining at 5stars when Mother is waiting with your favourite dish at home and herself starving.
That’s a makeover.

How do you Celebrate?
Book a day at amusement parks, buy the finest wines, Eat at Taj, Get tired and sleep.
Spend thousands to get the fab look and attire.
All this and more, when you know,
The children are dying in cold, seeking shelter under the bridges,
There’s a man striving to find work to earn 100 rupees to make his living,
There are aged, who are waiting for someone to spend time with.
That’s a tragic makeover.

How do you live your dream?
Ooh, I am sorry. You don’t take pains to take that first and small step towards it.
Even if you do, you give up too soon.
Even if you wait, you loose faith so much.
Even if you believe, you are afraid to take risk.
Even if you take risk, you get blown away by the first doom.
You go back to your routine and make other’s dream come true.
That’s a killer makeover.
You live outside but are dead inside.

Once, and only once you are going to have a conversation with your Heart:
Heart: You are dying today. Have you lived the way you wanted to?
You: NO. There’s that one thing I knew I could do but never did start.
Heart: Obviously you could do it, I told you so many times you can.
You: Crying. . Yes! Please give me one chance and I will do it. I don’t want to die like this.
Heart: You never listened to me. Now you want me to listen to you?
You: The people, Nobody believed in me. No one thought I could do it.
Heart: You stupid, Who knows what you can do? I, I have been inside of you, I know You in and Out,
I have been inside you even before you opened your eyes to this world.
I know what are your capabilities, Not those beings outside!
But now, It’s too late.
You: Crying . . Crying and Shouting. . No! Please, I should have listened to you,
I am listening and promising now. I will. I will. .
Heart: I don’t see a way it can be done now.
You: Crying out loud. . Noo. . One chance is all I need. .

This is a painful, drastic and trenching situation.

Don’t let you be YOU in this conversation.
If you are to get a Makeover somewhere, Get It Here. The Makeover is needed here.
Change scenarios here.

Makeover on your thinking and attitude towards living a life.
Don’t let days pass by. Make each day count.
Go out. Be real. Be enthusiastic. Be a beginner. Everyday.