To put on
your best outfit
and feel
like you're dressing
a wound.

-Andrea Gibson

The heart brimming with Poetry,
The mind tuned to Arts,
But the degree of Computer Science
And the family's ignorance of your thoughts,
And you politely obeying their norms,
Makes you live in The The Modern Cage,
You put on the best attire
Like you are dressing your deepest wound
And go out in the world,
leaving yourself behind.

This is my modern cage.
I've put on my best dress,
I've ripped out my heart's content,
It's not a special day.
It's any other day,
Every day.
This is my modern cage.

Why weren't they taught
Why weren't they talked about
About who you are and your calling,
Why wasn't it essayed or asked.

You can't explain now
You can't portray now
Your state of mind
Getting shot every moment
You can't essay the killing of your own being
They may see the cryings and the rage
And they'll take it like what is the matter
They can't reason your unbeing
They'll take it as mood sways
But how do you tell your Mom & Dad,
Hey, If only you taught us happiness
and not just ask for it.

Can't blame You.
But I need to do.
Take an action towards & against.
But it's difficult starting & exiting,
Because somewhere, we are still waiting
For you to hold us and say - "Do right by your heart".
And that'll be it, for us to break the self formed Modern Cage.