Yes, it wasn't benetton.
Single, is more than a status. Perhaps, The Committed, know it well.
United, is more than a phrase, you get broken and assemble again.
Colors, are more than a ton. Some you owe, a many you show.

I saw her sitting straight, I know well she was scared.
But she was determined to sell, Center Fresh, Tobacco, Pan and cigarette.
She wears a smile and reads a novel,
Under the street light, she sweats and prepares.
I walk to her and ask her name, “Sadija”, she exclaims.
I buy gums, and give her tip – to which she says “Didi thanks but please forgive”.
I saw Colors that day – bold were her’s, mine dismayed.
I saw United that day – In pieces she was, but collapse wasn’t her way.
I saw Singleton that day – It was Her, the World seemed away.

I met a mechanic, our car broke.
He seemed
I saw him repairing happy and content,
But the gesture and tongue he owned, were a Class, I was puzzled.
I asked inquisitively, and by his story, I was amazed.
IITian, AppleIte, A start-up Boomer,
But His love for cars was extraneous, was Super.
He left the market buzz and opened a garage,
He may earn little but pursues his passion, Engines and gets them back on road,
a lot.
I saw Colors that day – Dedication, Will and Faith.
I saw United that day – Broken the car came, frolic he made our day.
I saw Singleton that day – It was Him, the World seemed away.

There are Heroes, everywhere.
They are Singletons, They are Coloured with virtues of rainbow, And They are United in acts of supremacy.
These are, The United Colours of Singleton.
It’s what we, each of us, were born with.
We were born, and a story was born.
All of us, break.
If only, we could all Unite.
All of us, have Colors .
If only, we could embellish with the pleasant ones.
All of us are Singletons.
Let’s remain that way – Let You be You, and I be I. Rooted yet Sky scraping.
Then, The world, shall witness.
This story, will be rewarding.
It may not be penned down, You and I, may remain unheard.
But, when we go to sleep, We’ll have the most serene of sleeps, every time.
And this, is Victory. Everyday Victory.

Be The United Colors of Singleton, today.