Days are engrossed. Days are hurtful and funny.
You want to write but left with no mind penny.
Yet, you open Notepad and hope to deliver a piece,
For, your heart knows you can’t sleep enough if you didn’t do what you please.

Circumstances keep you busy but your heart longs to be home,
So, here I am, beginning to pen some, for, It is here, I feel belonged.
Today’s topic will emerge eventually,
For, I am writing for the sake of confident satisfaction,
It’s not a planned trajectory.

Challenges, Challenges are strong and come with a clear motive,
When you take them up, something in you ignites the zeal to perform vigorously, leaves no day uncreative.
Challenges boost the latent force in you,
Challenges make you strive hard and pull the trigger of alarm,
Alarm that you, day by day become better at something,
Spark the Believe, You are better than your previous league.

Challenges seem interesting when there’s a wide audience to showcase,
Challenges become more interesting when, You become Your audience to see exponential graph of your commitment & fair play.
They see sober in you, they don’t commend the little you prosper each day,
But you know it well,
Your everyday performance, You being in the challenge will make you stand taller & with honour soon.
The world will seek your Replay.
Your will to remain in the game is your challenge,
Your vow to read one page, write few lines, solve one puzzle, One Run, learn new verb and anything you wish to become,
One inch of it, Godly needs to be followed, each day.
That is your challenge. That is my challenge.

Competition never lessens. Actually, that’s the salt to Challenges.
Challenges come to life with competitiveness around.
You be aware, If you let go one day without living in your challenge,
The world, the competition, is 100 steps ahead of you already!
You compete with no single soul,
You compete with the world,
Because, when you set your foot out to perform,
You are not a single entity. You are higher.
You, I believe have, the strength of a 100 and more.
You have the courage and peace of mind to take on the world,
because, You, leave no day pass unchallenged,
You challenge the Day,
You out live the Gods to complete your challenge, each day.
Each day, you go out and you perform; Even if an inch, but you perform.

I do this.
I did a quarter of it now. I wrote a few lines.
And, I, am a believer, you too will perform your inch of challenge, each day.
So, what started as “When I’m not in my Prime”, actually made me complete an inch of my challenge, today.

So, go out and do your bit today and follow it religiously each day.
You can do it. I am telling you, You are going to do it. I am sending some wonders your way, if you start that
inch of challenge today, these Wonders will make you rise & shine to the world.

When all goes odd, Still You Go - Go along.