Wow April, simply Wow.
I took the Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC) and never knew I would really make it through! Feels amazing. UBC made my this Month special, Wow April.

It has been an incredible journey.
I used to blog maybe once in two weeks or so but this Ultimate Challenge made me realize that if I am blogging, I have it all in me it takes to blog EVERYDAY. Wow. Wow April.

So let’s get started. Letme admit, I am super happy and excited as I write.(I can write the longest post today but I will keep it short. : ) )
Point on and Here’s the thing I have learnt: No matter How your day has been, if you wanted to write, You will write.
It may seem simple when you read but it really has great results.

There were many challenges in the Challenge of writing one post everyday and that’s what made it brilliant and viral for me.
Well, I did not write on two particular days and please see I say, I did not write. (Previously, I would always say, “I could not write”). Well, if you see the figurative transformation, one would know what the UBC Challenge has taught me. :)

I am super content with my writings this month and I can only exclaim that I’ll continue this in my own ways in coming days too.

Credits: Ultimate Blog Challenge was introduced to me by a friend, Pratik Kirve, and I am immensely thankful to him. I have gained a lot in terms of drafting a post well, techniques to boost website traffic, got to know some great bloggers and made friends with them and So so much more!!

Thank you everyone who read even one of my posts . : ) special thanks to people who wrote me compliments , mails. It never felt this terrific! :)
I am truly honoured.

Once again, from Me to You,
let’s Stay Connected. : )