What displeases you?
What shutters the hollowness?
What needles the tranquil?
What misfits?
What pokes the festive?
What can’t be swallowed?
What ills the peace?
What withdraws the push?
What retrenches the effort?
For, Whatever it maybe,
There’s only one behind it,
Your irk mind.

It gathers, it rethinks,
It’ll propel, it’ll trap.
For, if you are not prepared to stay balanced,
The irk mind,
will have you forfeit, you’ll need a bootstrap.
The misjudged moments, the hateful voices,
The ugly results, the mighty vices,
The unhealthy conversations, the miscommunication,
The baggage to-prove, the insidious bondages,
The fail of hopeful speeches, the demise of your calculative accomplishments,
The incompetency that rises, the misconduct that surprises,
The fatuous witticism, the foul plays,
The peevish dispositions, the overrated talks,
The Fall, the girl who won’t applaud,
The non-permit, the guy who always wins, Bob.

All these and more, crumble and ignite your mind.
That’s when the mind takes form, It no more fathoms,
It’ll surmise, it’ll malfunction.
Welcome, The Irk Mind.

The mind isn’t reasoning now,
Trust me, it can turn catastrophic.
Your soul and heart, may yet crave to smile,
But, the irk mind won’t let it be.
The irk mind will solely show you the lamentable,
You’ll be left to grieve, weep and vex.
Where is the action? Where is the bustle?
Disappeared the Whirl, the reaction?
If so much pained Bob or the bondages,
If utterly you felt misconstrue,
If failure really gripped you utmost,
Or the baggage took a toll,
If the shackles were all it seemed coming easy to you,
If you were being underrated, results were distressing,
Then why didn’t you fight back?
Why didn’t you remain strong and courageously smile?
Why couldn’t you walk and elucidate the matter?
Why couldn’t you accept , why could you not relearn?
And just for one more time,
Why didn’t you understand ..
Understand that some things just take time,
Some matters just entail a phase,
For someone once said,
No matter how great the talents or efforts,
Even getting nine women pregnant,
You can’t produce a baby in a month.

The mind – sparkling, crisp and solid can comprehend all this.
It’ll device ways – beautiful and fruitful.
It’ll give your courage. It’ll rebuild the foundation.
The irk will involuntarily diminish.
Keep moving.